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[K12OSN] rip n roast dough

I just keep solving my own problems.
I had some trouble saving transactions with kmymoney, but guess what...GnuCash was on my old RH 7.1 CD set so I simply installed it.  It works great.  I kinda miss all the reports and graphs that M$ Money created, though.  Of course, I didn't use M$ Money, they used mine...

Also, I downloaded, installed and used XCDRoast today.  burned a disc for a friend, tested it in the car.  Perfect.
Only one hitch, I could not copy on the fly b/c xcdroast did not detect my cdrom drive, only the cdr burner drive, so I had to load the tracks onthe hard drive then burn from there, but, hey, it worked!

So close to closing windows for good (well, may except on weekend when I play Pooh Bear with my daughter).

Now, it appears as though gcc is not on here, which I need to compile postgresql, I think...but I s'pose I can sovle that in about the next 15 minutes...

Actually, I would like a smaller database program and looked a Gaby, but had some missing deps.  Perhaps I'll go back an hunt them down.


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