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[K12OSN] beta-release for K12LTSP 2.1.1

I have a beta build of K12LTSP 2.1.1 ready to be tested by those of you
brave (foolish?) enough to give it a spin!

There are only a couple changes, you can easily manually upgrade a K12LTSP
2.1.0 box.

I've added three new education applications: atomix, gLife, and gcompris.
Atomix is a puzzle game where you have to assemble different molecules.
Gcompris is a set of activities and games for very young kids. I didn't 
play with gLife, but it did build & run ;-)

The other big change is version 3.0.4 of ltsp_core and ltsp_kernel. This 
upgrades the client kernels from 2.4.9 to 2.4.18 & is claimed to fix some
problems with some 486's and some old pentiums.

I've also included all of the official Red Hat updates, which if you have
been keeping your boxes up-to-date, you will already have these installed
(you did sign up for the Red Hat Network, right?!)

The individual RPMS (K12LTSP-specific, download the Red Hat updates from
the Red Hat Network or a Red Hat ftp mirror site) are located here:


If you would prefer the full ISO images, here they are:



  rsync -Pav k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us::testing/2.1.1/iso/ .

Please report any and all bugs you find.


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