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[K12OSN] K12LTSP, WineX, and Sound

Here's the scenario.  (Hate it or not) I wanted to get Reader Rabbit running
under Linux.  I also wanted to see if it would work on LTSP clients.  I
plunked down my $15 and "subscribed" to Transgaming so I could enjoy their
RPMs (yes, I know, you can get the winex source code via sourceforge CVS.
Compiling it is no sweat, configuring was another matter [for me anyway],
hence the desire for pre-packaged RPMs).

Success!  Reader Rabbit plays under Linux and it just might possibly play
across the wire on the LTSP client, except I get the message from the Reader
Rabbit app that I don't have a WAV driver installed.  This isn't right.
Sound is enabled in my lts.conf, and the driver for the ISA soundblaster is
also called in lts.conf.  It loads, no errors, on the client--I can see the
success when I am booting my client but Reader Rabbit still does not think
that I have a WAV driver.

It plays just fine on the server with the kernel that comes with K12LTSP.
It does not play with the client kernel.  So I wonder, is this an issue with
lts.conf or with my client kernel or something else altogether?

FWIW, I did have some success getting other Win32 software working with
winex on LTSP clients...


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