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[K12OSN] mtools question.

Hi All Guys

I just start learning the captioned tools which enables us to copy files to the floppy drive in workstation. I have following questions and expect to receive some advice.

1) mcopy <file name> a:<file name>

It allows file of .doc extension with its name exceeding 8 characters to be copied to floppy drive. Can we save file directly to floppy drive immediate after finishing editing ?

2) floppyd dod not work in my workstation (Terminal Server K12OSN.2.1.0)

# floppyd -d a:
bash: floppyd : command not found

Did my commit any mistake ? How to access floppy drive to copy/read files in the floppy ?

3) The manual in "man : mtools1" is too brief. I found following document


It seems good. Is there any other suggestion ?

4) Is there graphic mode for mtools in K12OSN.2.1.0 ? If yes, how to start it

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

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