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[K12OSN] Web site problems

Some of my younger members came into the lab today trying to access some 
Disney and Nickelodian sites.  Each attempt resulted in a crash of Mozilla, 
Galeon and Konqueror.  Each has plugins for flash and java, but were unable 
to connect to the sites without crashing the ThinkNIC thin terminals.  I also 
had the same problem with a floppy-boot pc client (800 mHz Duron, 128mb 
memory) attached to the network.  

I was able to access the sites without problems from the server, so I know 
that the plugins are installed correctly for each of the browsers.  The 
problem seems to be with the thin clients.

Have others had these kinds of problems with thin terminals and k12ltsp?

I am running k12ltsp 2.1.0 on a dual athlon server, 1 gig memory, with six 
ThinkNIC terminals attached via a Linksys 8-port switch.  The terminals are 
running kde 3.0.  The ThinkNIC terminals are using Xvesa.  The bootup pc is 
using XFree86 4.  I tried the sites with and without nfs swap of 48m.  The 
problem was the same whether the sites were accessed through the 
squid/squidGuard proxy or directly.

While not a huge concern, I had hoped to provide access to Disney and similar 
Dr. Daniel Loomis
El Dorado, Arkansas
dloomis cox-internet com

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