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RE: [K12OSN] Limiting user login to MAC address

I too am interested in some type of auto-login feature. I would like to setup the K12ltsp as public terminals in a library. The problem that i'm having is that i would like to have a script run that would reset the desktop/home-directory on every login/out. I can make this happen on a standalone linux workstation using the
/etc/X11/(pre)postsession scripts.

example from /etc/X11/gdm/Presession/Default:

# This test allow us to have 'generic' accounts for patron and student
if [ -d /var/frozen/$USER ] ; then

# Reset the user's information back to the frozen config if one exists
	rm -rf /home/$USER
	cp -a /home/frozen/$USER /home
	cp /dev/null /var/spool/mail/$USER

What I would do is create a user and then copy it's home directory once i have it set how i want to /var/frozen/$user and on the logout i would blowout the users home directory and on the login copy the contents of /var/frozen/$user to the home directory and have a fresh desktop.

Haven't found a good way to do this on the LTSP yet though.

Adam J. Melancon

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