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[K12OSN] upgrade success was: upgrading to 2.1

Paul Nelson wrote:

Worst case:

You have /home backed up and you do a fresh install and then have to
re-do all the other installs. (i.e. Real Audio etc...)

This is not a bad thing as I almost always do it better the second or
third time around... ;-)

Best case:

You have things backed up in case you have to go to the worst case but
you boot with the cd-rom and select "upgrade" instead of install. In
many cases this works just fine. Give it a spin. I know Eric and I have
done this on several machines. It all depends on which version you are
coming from. Later versions of K12LTSP will work better.

Ahhh, 2.1 is up. For the record ;

Insert CD 1, boot it, click "upgrade" AND DON'T FOOL AROUND WITH THE OTHER OPTIONS..

And that was it.. User accounts, website, other 3rd party software - all still there - all running.

Oh, /etc/dhcpd.conf was mysteriously missing. >8-o But I may have done that...
And the installer wanted to know about extra swap-space - just click yes.

My fancy graphics card didn't go (no X on the console at all - terminals were fine.) But I expected this. It's a GeForce2 MX400
and needs kernel modules to match kernel version, etc. All sorted now, and back to 80 frames-per-second in 24bit colour, heh heh.

Overall, I would like to say "Thank you" to all who have made this software. These last few weeks, I have been feeling more and more over-awed by Open-Source software, and I'm no newbie (3 years.) Now, I nearly feel guilty(sic) getting this for free. It's just so good, and having dug through the bowels of DHCPD, MySQL, BIND, and most other stuff, I know what's involved. Truly impressive.

Kind Regards,

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