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Re: [K12OSN] C Spot run...

On Sun, 7 Jul 2002, anthony baldwin wrote:

>I'm in disbelief...
>And, kind of exasperated.
>I downloaded several applications (Scribus, as discussed earlier and Gaby, a small database program, couple others) and have tried to install them to no avail.
>I've been working on this all weekend.
>Wanna know why?  Because apparently there is no C compiler on my machine.
>Now, I installed all the devtools that came with the CD set.  I am just boggled that gcc or something isn't here.  I went back into the CD set looking to see if I had somehow missed it on install, but nope, not there.

If you're signed up for Red Hat Network, you can have it figure out all
of the dependancies for you:

	up2date -i gcc

This will download & install/upgrade all the packages needed for gcc.

There is more to it than that, however. In addition to gcc, you often need
a number of other tools such as autoconf, automake, and flex. Once you have
all the tools in place, then you need all of the relevant "devel" packages.
There are roughly three hundred packages in the "Software Development"
category, you can spend a fair amount of time trying to install of the
needed packages manually.

If you plan on building software from source code, it by far easiest to
select the "Software Development" option during the install.

Generally speaking, it is considered a best-practice to do your development
on box dedicated to that purpose, rather than doing it on a production box.
Build the software on a development box, then copy it over to the production
boxes to install.


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