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Re: [K12OSN] Web site problems

This is a very long standing problem with the Linux version of Macromedia's
Flash plugin.  It is only version 5, and extremely unstable.  For over a 1.5
years now they have refused to fix it.

Mozilla Bugzilla report
LTSP Petition to Macromedia, please sign

Macromedia Flash 6 for Windows works great on LTSP if installed with
CodeWeavers CrossOver plugin, but unfortunately CrossOver has a per-seat
charge, and it only works if the thin client X servers have the XRENDER
extension.  Most of my older thin client machines don't have XRENDER. =(
Anyway, please sign the petition and perhaps put more pressure on Macromedia
yourself to fix the native Flash plugin.

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From: "Daniel Loomis" <dloomis cox-internet com>
To: <k12osn redhat com>
Sent: Friday, July 05, 2002 1:45 AM
Subject: [K12OSN] Web site problems

> Some of my younger members came into the lab today trying to access some
> Disney and Nickelodian sites.  Each attempt resulted in a crash of
> Galeon and Konqueror.  Each has plugins for flash and java, but were
> to connect to the sites without crashing the ThinkNIC thin terminals.  I
> had the same problem with a floppy-boot pc client (800 mHz Duron, 128mb
> memory) attached to the network.
> I was able to access the sites without problems from the server, so I know
> that the plugins are installed correctly for each of the browsers.  The
> problem seems to be with the thin clients.
> Have others had these kinds of problems with thin terminals and k12ltsp?

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