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[K12OSN] Re: Macromedia and LTSP

I haven't explored this much, but I think XRENDER is only within XFree86
4.x, and only within certain drivers for certain cards.  I have discovered
that all of my old S3 2MB video cards within my LTSP clients do not seem to
support XRENDER, so I am stuck as far as Flash support goes until Macromedia
gets their act together.

You can tell if CrossOver is broken on an LTSP client if it doesn't work,
and instead causes 100% CPU usage in the xfs process, making the entire
server crawl or sometimes freeze to a halt if you don't have multiple CPU's.

You can buy CodeWeavers CrossOver Plugin from their site here.  It is fairly
useful for normal Linux desktop usage, and seemed mostly functional when I
tried an older version over remote X several months ago when the client
machine supported XRENDER.  I think this version of Wine was after a point
where they began using local XRENDER to render fonts, rather than the
application itself.

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From: "Daniel Loomis" <dloomis cox-internet com>
To: <warren togami com>
Sent: Monday, July 08, 2002 1:49 AM
Subject: Macromedia and LTSP

> Warren,
> I am not averse to using Crossover plugin on the LTSP workstations to get
> Macromedia 6.0 since it also brings with it Apple's Quicktime.  I have not
> tried Crossover on thin terminals, however, and will check that out when I
> return from vacation.
> Flash 5 worked just fine on the sites I mentioned (Disney and NICK) . . .
> long as I was on the server.  The problems cited were only with the LTSP
> clients.  Mozilla would just shutdown and Galeon would lock up.  With
> the lockup was so bad I had to login as root on the console and kill it!
> Definitely NOT what I want to have happen when the kids get on the system.
> You mentioned the XRENDER extension.  Is it part of Xvesa or XFree86-4?  I
> upgraded the client kernel this past weekend with Eric Harrison's 2.4.18
> kernel.rpm and am now having to use XFree86-4 on our ThinkNIC terminals.
> Xvesa does not seem to work with the new kernel.  Anyway, I assume that
> XRENDER is part of the newest 4.x Xwindows.
> I will happily sign the petition you mentioned, but it is doubtful that
> Macromedia will respond to any user initiative that does not include $$$$.
> Thanks for the information.
> Dan
> ---------------------------
> Dr. Daniel Loomis
> El Dorado, Arkansas
> dloomis cox-internet com

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