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Re: [K12OSN] Mac clients for K12LTSP

To the best of my knowledge (limited as it is) the only way I know is to run a Mac OS locally, and run X on the Mac. (VNC is another alternative, although that ties up 2 boxes? Or could you run VNC against the K12LTSP server???). MI/X is available (FREE!) as an X server on OS9 or earlier.

I suppose it would be theoretically possible to run LTSP on a Mac-Linux server, probably with some significant work. Yellow Dog Linux HQ is about 5 miles from my house, so maybe I can run over there and talk to them about it.


At 08:18 AM 7/8/2002, you wrote:
Does any one know if it is possible to use old Mac's as clients for k12ltsp
systems? I found one other request for the information in the archive, but
no reply.  I know older Macs wont boot from the LAN, and I know its supposed
to be possible to run Linux on Mac hardware.  I read once that after boot
the can use NFS to mount the root directory on Macs, but I have never tried
it. I am sure that with all of the older Mac's in schools, some one else has
run into more than once, and maybe some one has even put together a client
distribution for k12ltsp Macs.  Does such a beast exist? If not, does any
one have any pointers to resources for doing this?

Steven Santos

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