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Re: [K12OSN] setting up OpenLDAP... looking for a victim or two ;-)

Re posting LDAP config scripts on the OpenLDAP mail list:
Great idea - Can you mention where the OpenLDAP list hosted ?  I would 
like to follow up on this topic.  It certainly would be a great help to 
many school sites if it is/will be/ a robust solution.

On Sun, Jul 07, 2002 at 10:24:50PM -0700, Shahms E. King wrote:
> You might want to post this on the OpenLDAP list; I haven't looked at
> the scripts yet, but if they are reasonably generic, I'm sure someone
> out there would like to see them.  Configuring OpenLDAP is an oft heard
> complaint on many a mailing list.
> --Shahms
> On Sun, 2002-07-07 at 21:59, Eric Harrison wrote:
> > 
.................     .SNIP
> > After WAY too much espresso, I decided to tackle automating the configuration
> > of OpenLDAP. 
> > 
> > OpenLDAP can be tough to understand, but once you "get it", it is really
> > pretty simple. Simple enough that 99% percent of it can be automated.
> > Hence the attached scripts.
> > 
.................     .SNIP
> > -Eric

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