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Re: [K12OSN] setting up OpenLDAP... looking for a victim or two ;-)

Hi Shahms,

On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 08:59:29AM -0700, Shahms E. King wrote:
> That post was intended to be a private email to Eric, whom I know knows
> the OpenLDAP url, but do to the accursed Reply-To munging on this list
> it went (counterintuitively) list-wide when I chose "Reply To Sender"
> rather than "Reply To List," because of this broken mailing list
> configuration.  I'd apologize for sending what was supposed to be a
> personal responses (thankfully it didn't have anything very personal in
> it) to the list, except, I'm notoriously unapologetic when someone
> else's misconfiguration breaks functionality of my standards-compliant
> MUA.
> --Shahms

I agree, you have nothing to apologize for.

>From your followup about "Reply-To munging?!?!?!" I assumed that your
original posting was not intended to go to this list and so my 
suggestion about posting URL's was not intended to be a criticism of 
you.  Just an example of when it might be a good time to post a URL, 
When one intended to post to the list, that is. :-)

I know what you mean about standards non-compliant configs.
The Reply-to munging practice has become so common on the lists
I'm subscribed to, that I've had to actually invert my default
logic on replies so that I now assume the reply-to will go to
the list instead of the author.  

I wonder what it'll be next week ..... :-)
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