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Re: [K12OSN] setting up OpenLDAP... looking for a victim or two ;-)

On 8 Jul 2002, Shahms E. King wrote:

> it went (counterintuitively) list-wide when I chose "Reply To Sender"
> rather than "Reply To List," because of this broken mailing list
> configuration.  I'd apologize for sending what was supposed to be a

Not 'counterintuitively' -- this is a support, advocacy and
sharing list, and off-list replies are usually not the right
choice, particularly with less-skilled users.  This topic is a
TUI/GUI, or vi/emacs, or sendmail/postfix debate, and there is
no 'right' answer.  See:
From: man 1 formail:

       -I headerfield
            Same as -i, except that any  existing  similar  fields  are  simply
            removed.   If  headerfield consists only of a field-name, it effec­
            tively deletes the field.

... Why complain with no reason?  Don't like mangles?  Fix 'em
with procmail. Add to your .procmailrc:

* ^Sender *k12osn-admin redhat\ com
* ^Subject:\/.*
        | formail -I "Subject: [k12]$MATCH"                 \
                -A "X-brand: k12"                           \
                -I Reply-To:

and you'll not have _that_ to carp about any more.


-- Russ Herrold

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