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Re: [K12OSN] To locate an execute file

Several ways.

which <command name>
whereis <command name>

If it is an rpm package
rpm -ql <package name> | grep bin
usually helps

If it is a source file/tarball, look in the make file in the build 

In KDE, right click the 'K' button and open the Menu Editor.  It may
list the full path to the command.

Jim Wildman, CISSP                                      jim rossberry com

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Stephen Liu wrote:

> Hi All Guys
> I just install MToolsFM on K12OSN.2.1.0.  It can be started from   K-start 
> ---> Run ---> MToolsFM.--->RTN
> I expect to start it from an icon on KDE desktop and have no idea of the 
> name of its execute file.  Kindly advise how to locate it exactly from 
> Konsole window including its path.  Which command ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Stephen Liu
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