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[K12OSN] Gnome Default Users profiles, Client Shadowing Session, Samba auto mount to NT Share , Set Up Printing to NT Network Printers, Clients Floppy Access, Fonts

Hi All,

	I am trying to set up K12LTSP box so I can show the power of Linux
to Managers & CEO of my company.  As the 31 July dead line approach from M$,
I believe I can sell the idea to the management.  I would like to thanks
LTSP, K12LTSP & Everyone that helped to create such a wonderful Distro !.

Here is some question that I have.  I know some probably has been ask and
answered thousand time before.  I went through most of the archives list,
docs but that didn't answered my questions or maybe it did but I haven't get
to it yet :-).  Thanks to everyone in advance for helping me.

1.  What files/ folder in Gnome or Sawfish Windows manager control the
system wide set up for user?.  What I am looking for is default user profile
equivalent in NT.  I want to customize the windows manager setting and so on
for all the client machine, so when user log in they will get What I want
them to see and use.  The skel folder seem to only contain desktop setting
not windows manager.

2. What command should I use to see the active clients session?.  I would
like to know how many clients session are there on the box and also how  do
I shadowing (like Citrix client shadowing) the session.  I want to be able
to see what the client see on their screen and take over the control for
help desk purposes.  Example: I have a user on ws001 ip how do I
take control of that work station from server or from any other machine on
the network.  I have follow the FAQ  and it won't work.

3.  Samba I noticed the package is install but how do you start and stop the
samba service?  I looked under the service manager the samba service is not
listed.  Never the less,  the mount to NT share work :-).  is it possible to
set up for automount samba share? or setting up the login script to mount
the NT share when user log in?  I would like to in install the swat if
security is not an issues. How?

4. Since the linuxconf is no longer available will Webadmin cause any
problem with k12ltsp?

5. How do I setting up the printing to NT HP network printer?.  From what I
gather from HP I need to compiling some stuff.  From the FAG in just use the
Printing Queue set up.  Which one should I use?.  Example:  NT printing
Queue is on NT Box \\Server\HP4100  ip for the printer is
(just for sample)  how do I set up the print to it. 

6. How do I view, open and copy  files to and from the floppy drive on the
client machine?

7.  How do I setup the browser to display website fonts better. Correct me
if I am wrong.  At the 1024x768 resolution I believed it is very standard
display now a day and with the default install setup the website fonts too
small. I wished every Linux site should use the same fonts type as
http://www.mozilla.org as example.  

Thanks You Everyone.

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