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Hi Caleb,

I found out part of the resolution after I sent this.

I carried out a search on Google. This problem occurs quite a bit.

The KDE website has a FAQ which covers exactly this issue. Here's the URL.


The problem appears to be broken symlinks.

My soultion was delete the effected users and recreate them.

I tried deleting the suggested files, but this created a problem with the 
sound server. In my case it was quicker and easier to delete and recreate 
the effected users ( no user data to back up at this stage ).

So there it is.

What caused my problem?

I cleaned up some files in /tmp and changed permissions to /tmp. SILLY BOY!

This temporarly munted my access to x sessions, even on the file server. It 
would go to runlevel 5, x would fail to start then the whole system would 
drop back to runlevel 3.

Needless to say I was messing my pants yesterday afternoon when I headed 
home. Brown britches were definitely the order of the day.

After permissions were re-instated the whole shooting match had a hernia 
with all users, except myself, root, and my Win4Lin configuration group.

I may know my way around Netware, and to a lessr extent NT, but I'm still a 
babe when it comes to *nix!

Well all babes stumble as they learn to walk.................mommy I hurt 
my bottom!

Cheers all,

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a 
different result."

On Monday, July 08, 2002 6:51 PM, Caleb Wagnon 
[SMTP:cwagnon redbug dsc k12 ar us] wrote:
> I don't know of a solution to the "DCOP" problem. I'm using icewm so I
> never tried to find a solution. It's got to be something with kde 3. It
> IS very new and still a little buggy. I wish I knew how to get into
> contact with some KDE guys that could give me some answers.
> --
> Caleb Wagnon, MCP
> Office of Technology
> Fordyce School District
> 100 Redbug Blvd.
> Fordyce, AR 71742
> (870) 352 2968

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