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Re: [K12OSN] Accelerated Reader

We pulled together a list of AR people a couple months ago - I think it worked out to be around 30,000 students at some 30 or so schools nationwide.

Joe Gonzalez was compiling the list, but he has been indisposed for a couple 3 weeks, so he probably has not had the chance to send it back out.

What we were collecting was the school, city & state, a number of students, for all interested parties. Anyone else that has not put this info out on the list, and is interested in getting AR running in LINUX, please do so soon, so we can send the list to Renaissance.

...and, BTW, there was also some expressed interest in getting a parallel development going for putting this stuff up native on LINUX without the AR folks involved. I am sure we can get teachers interested in providing the testing, especially if it is free to the schools.


At 12:33 PM 7/8/2002, you wrote:
Hey folks, if all of you school people who are running Accelerated Reader
or Accelerated Math would send email queries to
SUPPORT RENLEARN COM requesting that the company support
running their software on Linux workstations, maybe we can get them to
come through.  Right now we are still bound to either Microsoft or MAC.
We can only locate files on a Linux server, but wouldn't it be great to be
able to run the program on a Linux workstation?


Gerald M. Cox Technology Coordinator Bismarck Public Schools 11636 Hwy 84 Bismarck, Arkansas 71929 coxg bis-ps dsc k12 ar us

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