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Re: [K12OSN] can I authenticate ltsp users against win2000AD?

At 05:53 AM 7/10/2002, you wrote:
Mike - this does not answer your Active Directory question, but it might provide a little insight into "selling" K12LTSP....

a Windows 2000 Active Directory
our fourth outside consultant now).

Wow! Is mi.us Michigan? You would think with the piece parts listed that your school district zip is 90210, or at least with a budget like a Beverly Hills school district!

Active Directory has serious flaws - I have a number of very large (multi-billion $$) clients that have canned M$-AD efforts for a number of technical reasons, none of which were dollar related - even shops that are 100% MS across the board! (BTW: none of my clients with NDS have even considered changing - it just works. Now if they could just get rid of the word "Novell" in the product name, the perception that it must be on a Novell server would disappear as well :-)

I think the LTSP case can be clearly made on bucks, especially if you don't have a 90210 budget.

I just assisted (another pro-bono job - you'd think as a devout capitalist, I would stop helping all these needy organizations :-) on a proposal for an 80 seat non-profit (I didn't see the final proposal, so these figures are preliminary.)

They are currently on 486 and Pentium 1 machines, old servers, and MS Office 4.2. They want to move to current generation machines and Office 2000/XP

It worked out, amortizing the server upgrades into the equation, that this 80 seat M$ install was about $2.5k per seat, with installation and training, for a total of $160k HW/SW, and about $200k installed/trained.

The equivalent LTSP setup, use existing Pentium desktops, upgrade the 486 machines, use Open Office, fix the broken security environment, upgrade the network, installed with training and consulting - under $50k, or just over $600 a seat, 1/4 the cost for the same functionality from a Windows environment.

It has yet to be seen if they will go down the path, but, as a non-profit helping homeless children, money is always scarce....

Mike Rambo
mrambo lsd k12 mi us


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