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[K12OSN] Dual boot to LTSP?

We have an existing Windows 98 lab used for training. However, we want to be able to use the existing lab to train teachers on Linux / LTSP applications. Of course, setting up a dual boot Windows/Linux machine is fairly easy, but the LTSP lab model has generated some questions:

1. Can the machines be set up to boot off of the LTSP server over the LAN without affecting the Windows setup on the HD? I would assume this is the case since the standard k12LTSP setup bypasses the local HD by the use of a boot rom image on a floppy. Would the use of a boot rom floppy when desiring Linux be the easiest way to do this? Or is there better way?

2. These Windows machines already received their IPs via a centralized DHCP server. Assuming that we want to leave these machines plugged in to the existing LAN, how do we configure the workstations to get their DHCP numbers? Not from the LTSP server, but from the LAN DHCP server, right? If so, do we turn off DHCP services on the LTSP server? How then does the workstation know to pull the kernel, apps, etc. via TFTP from the LTSP server? What other sorts of changes need to be made to the LTSP server? Workstations?

These are general questions, I know. I looked through the discussion archives and could not find an answer to this scenario, though I know many of you have similar lab configurations. Any help would be appreciated.

Michael Thomas
Tigard-Tualatin School District
Tigard, OR

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