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Re: [K12OSN] Dual boot to LTSP?

Quoting Michael Thomas <mthomas ttsd k12 or us>:

> 1.  Can the machines be set up to boot off of the LTSP server over 
> the LAN without affecting the Windows setup on the HD?  I would 
> assume this is the case since the standard k12LTSP setup bypasses the 
> local HD by the use of a boot rom image on a floppy.  Would the use 
> of a boot rom floppy when desiring Linux be the easiest way to do 
> this? Or is there better way?

A boot floppy would work fine without doing anything to the computer.

Just be sure to take out the floppy when you're done :)

> 2.  These Windows machines already received their IPs via a 
> centralized DHCP server.  Assuming that we want to leave these 
> machines plugged in to the existing LAN, how do we configure the 
> workstations to get their DHCP numbers?  Not from the LTSP server, 
> but from the LAN DHCP server, right?  If so, do we turn off DHCP 
> services on the LTSP server?  How then does the workstation know to 
> pull the kernel, apps, etc. via TFTP from the LTSP server?  What 
> other sorts of changes need to be made to the LTSP server? 
> Workstations?

I think you should be able to specify what TFTP server to pull everything off 
of in the DHCP server configs, but I might be wrong.

- James

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