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Re: [K12OSN] can I authenticate ltsp users against win2000AD?

Mike Rambo wrote:

Hi Mike. Heh, since I can't lose my Job, here goes.. ;-)

[....]  implemented a Windows 2000 Active Directory
infrastructure (although they have yet to get it work as it should -
we're on our fourth outside consultant now).

AD doesn't work ?

We currently have a lab that is running wfw3.11 on old 486's. They are
talking about putting Citrix in that lab. My supervisor, being more open
to non-M$ solutions than the rest of the IT staff, has asked me whether
I can make LTSP work with the building infrastructure well enough that
he can propose that as a solution for this lab.

A *perfect* candidate for LTSP. 8-)

What happens is that each student, at the beginning of the year, uses
their student number to register with the 2000AD setup to obtain their
username (usually their student number) and password. They can then
(theoretically - this is one of the parts that doesn't work right yet)
go to any classroom in any building (there are 43 of them), login and
access their files.

Soooo, The only part of A/D that works, is that they can obtain a UserID.. LOL !!! Sorry, but that's gotta be one
of the funniest things I have ever heard.

What my supervisor thinks is the best way to get LTSP adopted over a Citrix solution is if it will work seamlessly using the authentication credentials the students already have. In his mind, a second set of logon credentials impairs the usefulness of the system and makes it hard for him to propose.

Soooo, your Supervisor wants Linux to authenticate over a system that doesn't work ?

IMO, you could interface the spare-wheel on your car to A/D, and if A/D is broken, it's never gonna work.

I see others have tried to be helpful, and really, I'm quite sure Linux could be interfaced to a sucessful A/D install.
Technically, I'm not familiar with a solution.

LOL !!!!


p.s. Sorry if I was rude, but... LOL !!! <wipes tears from eyes> The only part that works... HAH HAH........

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