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RE: [K12OSN] Dual boot to LTSP?

Hi Steve,

I'm using the DOS versions of the etherboot images. You can get either 
messdos or linux images from Rom-O-Matic.

Never had to use a single linux command to do the work.

I simply fdisked the HDD with several small (10MB) DOS partitions, made the 
first partition active, formatted the first partition, copied the 
autoexec.bat and <etherboot image>.COM file to partition. No windoze.

Rebooted and voila, just like a diskless terminal. These are in admin, so 
the users won't trash the HDD. If they do, 5 minutes will have it 
operational again. It's mainly driven by budget constraints ;-|

For Win9x machines

By using some of the old config.sys and autoexec.bat tricks it would be 
possible have a simple boot menu allowing either Linux or Windows to load 
at startup.

We used to do this in the early Win9x days for gamers. Set up 4 options. 3 
options for different memory usage and the fourth for loading windows.

Worked like a charm, never trashed Windows like some DOS games did when run 
in Windows.


On Thursday, July 11, 2002 10:46 AM, Steve Wright 
[SMTP:paua quicksilver net nz] wrote:
> Bert Rolston wrote:
> >Hi Michael and James,
> >
> >I'm booting some of my workstations from old HDs between 80 - 120mb.
> >
> err, don't `dd` the etherboot image over a working windows partition
> though ay..  8-/
> This will immediately and irrecoverably trash your windows system.
> /sw
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