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Re: [K12OSN] damage hard disk

If you have another drive of the same type (backed up or without
critical data on it), you could try to swap the controller board.
On some disks, this should be fairly straightforward, as the
connection to the electronics inside the sealed drive is through
a non-soldered connector.

It could be worth a try, anyway, and much cheaper than a recovery
service.  It will void your warranty, though... ;^)


"Arnel G. Pastrana" wrote:
> does anybody here knows how to get the data out from a damaged harddisk
> drive. One of the control chips cracked (maybe exploded/break/burned).
> It cannot be detected by any mobo!!!
> It's actually a seagate 4.3Gb IDE.
> Or any company that's doing it...
> Thanks for the info.

Don Christensen       Senior Software Development Engineer
djc cisco com         Cisco Systems, Santa Cruz, CA
  "It was a new day yesterday, but it's an old day now."

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