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RE: [K12OSN] Small foot print needed-can't Install

These sound perfect for being LTSP clients. Likely they don't have
enough RAM or HD space to really be able to do much anymore.

With LTSP you can just put in a network card and have a working floppy
that boots up the computer using the Linux Terminal Services. 

I wouldn't waste my time loading Linux onto the old boxes, just make the
thin clients and connect and use the computing power of your Dell

I have P-166 at home that is doing that. It isn't hard, but there are
something to learn.

http://k12ltsp.org is a great place to start. 


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We have received a group of "donated" computers in our school.  They are
166Mhz Microns which we believe we should be able to setup with redhat
or some other linux based program.  For some reason we can not get
redhat to install in either graphic or text mode.  We have a Dell
4100/200 dual processor server we can commit to the project also.  That
installed fine.  We are trying to set that up as an application server
without success yet.  Suggestions?

Dave Sapp

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