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Re: [K12OSN] rdesktop


I don't know if I will be of much help.  I was pointed to the man page
for rdesktop to research a solution to the problem I was having. 
Unfortunately, my problem ended up being a result of the diskless
workstation I was using.  We have switched workstations and the rdesktop
utility is not working great.  

The -T x is used regarding the method used for "backing-store".  I have
very little understanding of this.  I believe it is the method rdesktop
uses to store the current view if/when the session is
minimized/maximized.  The man page contains no explanation of what
exactly x does.  It just happened to be the option that worked best with
the problem I was having.  I tried them all.:)  Even with the -T x, our
problem was not resolved completely.  This turned out to be a result of
the video driver used to handle the ThinkNIC workstation.  The XVesa
driver eliminates the X_ options that you can pass to the x session for
the client.  Since these x options are no longer available, we were
unable to specify the backing-store parameters to facilitate a
solution.  By switching workstations to one that does not use XVesa, we
eliminated the problem entirely and our refresh is now working great.

We are now using the Jammin-125 diskless workstation.

Hope all this helps.

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 22:50, Andy Garcia wrote:
> Stevn,
> I'm have a problem with screens refreshing oddly in AutoCad.
> Thought you could help, after reading you posting on the LTSP web
> site.
> I also tried ...
> rdesktop -b and -m
> with no luck ...!
> What did you mean by ...?
> using -T x switch
> Thanks,
> Andy Garcia
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