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RE: [K12OSN] can I authenticate ltsp users against win2000AD?

Hi Mike,

I realised I had gone to L

mi. is Michigan

mil. from memory is Military

What the hey.

I've been having a real war geting my server in. The Linux install was 

Getting Win9x  running the way I want in Win4Lin has been a battle. Every 
M$ or Win9x app does weird things, so it's go find the fix to make the user 

Well that's all part of the joy of this profession.

A number of years ago I came across a humourous story about God and I Be 
Am. Wish I could find that again.

It really does sum up this job!


On Friday, July 12, 2002 12:19 AM, Mike Rambo [SMTP:mrambo lsd k12 mi us] 
> Bert Rolston wrote:
> >
> > Hi Kirk,
> >
> > >
> > > Wow! Is mi.us Michigan?
> >
> > I think you will find it is Military US
> >
> > Hence the reason for a 90210 parts list.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Bert
> >
> Nah, he had it right. Lansing Michigan - the school district in the
> capital city of the state.
> 90210... Actually we're trying to complete the phase out of '286 and
> '386 student workstations this summer but it's tough when we have to
> spend so much on consultants to get 2000AD & Citrix to work right
> (what's this about windows TCO?). I think we could have equipped an
> entire lab with the cost of the most recent set of consultants. Beware
> those that believe M$ TCO advertising propaganda and open source fear
> mongering...
> Well - back to it...;-)
> --
> Mike Rambo
> mrambo lsd k12 mi us
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