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Re: [K12OSN] test server suggestion

tbuchanan vinu edu wrote:

Hi all, I'm just fishing for advice on a very small test setup.  I can lay
my hands on an
older Compaq Proliant 5000, dual Pentium Pro 200 processor, dual 9 gig
SCSI hard
drives, 256 meg RAM or a newer Compaq EN550 single Pentium III 550
9.1 gig hard drive, 256 meg RAM.  Which would be better to use for a server
in a 5
client pc lab setup?  Thanks

You will be able to RAID (mirror) the two 9GB drives in the Proliant.. This will be very reasurring for you, and good fun too. 8-)
You will need to add a third HDD for /boot and swap, however. (Well, you won't *need* to, but best to leave the two
9BG drives alone for the / mountpoint.) This third disk need only be an old IDE drive of 2-5GB.

My Guess is, the EN550 box would be outright faster, but the Proliant will be more stable at high loads - One processor can be
loaded to the eyeballs, and you still have a free one.


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