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RE: [K12OSN] restricting internet access

Hi Steve & all,

I've done a this by limiting acces to Mozilla.

All student have to READ & sign an internet usage contract, then they have 
permission to use it. Any mess ups and they loose the privelege, simple.

I'm the owner and the group is internetuser. Only members of internetusers 
can run the app.

Change the permissions to 770.

Once you set up a decent proxy you should be able to password that by user. 
This allows the web browser be used for your intranet while limiting 
internet acces to those who have internet permissions.

On Thursday, July 11, 2002 11:53 PM, Steve Wright 
[SMTP:paua quicksilver net nz] wrote:
> anyone be interested in limiting internet access to password-holders only 
> I discovered this..  http://group-ldap-auth.sourceforge.net/
> At my Kids' School (not LTSP based - yet ;-)  They have a teacher enter
> a password before they can use the 'net.
> They don't *have* a content filter (like squidGuard). so they password
> it off, and then supervise.
> This can be done with squidGuard, too it seems.
> Any Interest ?
> regards,
> Steve
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