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RE: [K12OSN] Paceware and samba

Hi Caleb,

If it will run from NT Workstation / Server 4.0, I would expect it to run 
from a SAMBA server.

Remember SAMBA emulates NT Workstation / Server 4 networking. It doesn't 
run any programs.

My Windows 9x machines really do 'believe' they are connecting to M$ NT 

If the program in question is a client / server application, then you will 
run into problems. That's because the Server portion of the program needs 
to run in a MS Windows operating system.

Here's a simple (very) analogy, I'll use a car to represent our 'network'.

The car chassis is our NOS (Network Operating System), which could be *NIX, 
*NIX with SAMBA, NT Workstation or Server, NetWare and so on. It carries 
the load and handles transportation. Most users won't see this part of the 
car or network.

The car body is our workstation operating system, this could be *NIX, MAC 
OS, NT Workstation, M$ Windoze, Mess DOS. It provides the 'environment' 
that we 'travel' in over our network. This is the car driver's 'world'.

The car driver is our application, it dictates what the car does while it 
is being driven.

Some little gotcha's.

I found one program that didn't like using UNC (\\<servername>\<sharename>) 
paths when running from a server. It was Mozilla! So I had to install and 
run it using a drive mapping W:\Mozilla\mozilla.exe

Some apps like to 'think' they are in the root directory, so you will have 
to test for this. It doesn't happen all that often, but I have some that 
are like that.

Some programs can run with read only access to their location on the 
server, some can't. This can cause all sorts of problems, sometimes they 
aren't noticeable.

Always test apps as a normal user, not as a sysadmin. This can mask 
problems with permissions.

I know this doesn't address the question directly, but hope it helps.


On Saturday, July 13, 2002 8:26 AM, Caleb Wagnon 
[SMTP:cwagnon redbug dsc k12 ar us] wrote:
> Hi guys, I already asked a friend of mine but I want to see if anyone
> else has had any experience with Paceware (Plato Learning) and Samba.
> I've got the software. The server and machines are on the way. The guys
> I talked to up there didn't even know what samba was. Will things fly
> like a kite?
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