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[K12OSN] squeak, squeak

As it turns out, it appears as though I screwed up more of my system than I
was capable ot readily amending when I forced the foreign devtools.
So, just for grins, I did a complete reinstall.
I think this is good practice, really.
I had sort of a mess going with about two dozen half installed non functioning program and stuff, too, so reinstlaling cleaned things up.
(I never did get Scribus, Gaby, Corel PhotoPaint and a few other things to work.)
I am also awaiting the update to the K12ltsp, 
which I ordered on disc a few days ago, so I can upgrade, everything.
Nonetheless, in my present reconfiguration after install, 
I am having a couple of minor difficulties.
I was having trouble getting the windows partition to mount, but it seems
I have solved that one.  See, I am learning!
Anyway, just as in my first install, my sound card has not been detected.
If I recall, last time, it just came on miraculously one day, 
but that seems kind of haphazard.
Sound is onboard on my mobo.
The other problem is with the mouse scrollwheel.  I recall last time editing my 
/etc/x11/Xfree86config-4 about two dozen times before I got it to work.
I presently have the 
ZAxisMapping  "Y"
ZAxisMapping  "4 5"
I don't understand why it is not working.
I eventually got that ironed out last time, too, but I didn't keep any notes.
Boy, this sure is fun!


Read, Connect, Learn!

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