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Re: [K12OSN] RDP server

Hi William,

I just start to contact its website.

Up to now the information I have collected are :

Rdesktop "delivers" the Windows desktop to Linux,
Solaris, OS X, and many other POSIX compliant operating systems.

rdesktop also works with "embedded" ports of
Linux, so maybe some people using rdesktop in "diskless" systems
as well.

One further thing I need to clarify is if using it in "diskless" system where shall we install its package. On the booting ROM ???

Have a nice day

Stephen Liu

At 01:06 AM 7/14/2002 -0700, William Nowak wrote:
Hello all.
I have recived a bunch of WYSE Winterm 2500T terminals
with built in monitors. They use the RDP protocol. I
would like to have linux for use on these terminals so
I found this.. I dont currently have access to my
k12ts so I was wondering if someone could take a look
at this
It seems like it would do the trick but i need someone
experienced to take a peak at it for me.. Thanks alot!

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