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[K12OSN] LTSP Server with Xfree86 questions

I am knew so be patient.  I have been setting up a new LTSP (Red Hat 7.2
version) with a thinknic as the workstation.  I also have a new Aopen 15
monitor for the thinknic.  Anyway I have really 2 questions.

1.  I am able to get the thinknic to boot but as soon as it starts to load
the gui it freeses with a grey screen and has a black X in the middle
(which is the mouse cursor).  It moves with my mouse but does noe do
anything.  If I boot it in level 3 it will boot to the prompt just fine. 
I have edited the lts.conf file as to Paul's suggestion.  I put in the
line xserver = vesa instead of = auto, which got me the grey screen. 
(XSERVER=AUTO just displayed black.) Not sure what to do next.

2.  I am a little confused as to what and how the IP's work with the 2
nics.  eth0 is the workstation side and eth1 is the network side.  I get
that part, but can I use 10. x.x.x private addresses on the network side
and still comunicate with the 192.168.0.x numbers on the workstation (LAN)
side. OR do I need to give it a class C number on the network side?  I
would prefer not to use the DHCP on the netywork side if possible.  Also
what files need to be edited if I change the number from the eth0 side so
I can still dhcp the workstations?


Chris Rears
Computer / Network Technician
David Douglas School District
SHOP:    (503)256-6505
PAGER: (503)790-4541

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