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[K12OSN] Mounting per user SMB (NT-2k) shares on ltsp-ws at logon


In attempting to obtain approval to deploy a LTSP lab in one of our
buildings, one of things that we had to do was to be able to access the
students personal home folder on the building server with no muss and no
fuss (ie. no separate login - each user just does the ltsp login once
and the building server share is "just there").

As a solution, I came up with a set of shell scripts that do what we
need. The scripts take advantage of the fact that gdm executes scripts
after a user has authenticated and as they are logging out. I have used
a couple of hidden files in each users home directory to control what
shares are mounted, how they are mounted, and to supply the username &
password for said shares.

If anyone is interested you're welcome to them. (BTW - please don't
laugh as this is my first attempt at shell scripting - it's probably not
as slick as someone more experienced could do ;-).


Just follow the Linux link...

Mike Rambo
mrambo lsd k12 mi us

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