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Re: [K12OSN] a shell Brain teaser

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 01:59:05PM -0700, Aaron Leininger wrote:
> OK experts...I have a test-station running Slackware 8.1. I know, I know,
> not the friendliest distro out there...I am trying to configure the bash
> prompt so that it is something useful. This is not normally a difficult
> operation but here's what's happening...When I ssh into the slackware box,
> the prompt shows up exactly as I have it configured. However, when I pull up
> a terminal window locally(using KDE as my gui), the prompt appears
> differently and I can't get it to show up the way I have it configured in
> /etc/profile. All the docs I have read suggest that /etc/profile is the
> global place where the prompt is set and ~/.bash_profile is the local users
> place to add to that profile. I've tried adding the PS1=<my prompt> command
> to my .bash_profile file to no avail. What in blue blazes am I missing? This
> can't be this hard...Please help!!

/etc/profile or ~/.bash_profile are only read for login shells.  That's
why the prompt works when you log in using ssh.

There are two solutions that I can think of

   1) Put the prompt setting in your .bashrc file.  This should be read
      on every invocation of bash, login or not.  This is what I do.

   2) Tell the KDE terminal app to run as a login shell.  I believe
      the terminal application has a configuration button for that.

- Jamie

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