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[K12OSN] squeaker

>Message: 3
>Subject: Re: [K12OSN] squeak, squeakity
>From: Paul Nelson <pnelson riverdale k12 or us>
>To: k12osn redhat com
>Date: 13 Jul 2002 21:51:11 -0700
>Reply-To: k12osn redhat com
>Try this for your mouse:

>        Option      "Protocol" "IMPS/2"

Yep, that was it...I kept looking at Man Mouse thinking that PS/2 was not right, but I never saw IMPS/2, but I now recall that this precise thing fixed it last time, and now it is working fine!

>For your sound, open a terminal window and run sndconfig as root. That
>will run the sound setup program.

Likewise...How could I forget something so simple?
Perhaps that I ahve been averaging 4 hours sleep now since november...And I'm not the 20 year old kid that used to do the same as an undergrad without skipping a beat...

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