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RE: [K12OSN] LTSP Server with Xfree86 questions

Hi Chris,

Bert here.

> 2.  I am a little confused as to what and how the IP's work with the 2
> nics.  eth0 is the workstation side and eth1 is the network side.  I get
> that part, but can I use 10. x.x.x private addresses on the network side
> and still comunicate with the 192.168.0.x numbers on the workstation (LAN)
> side. OR do I need to give it a class C number on the network side?  I
> would prefer not to use the DHCP on the netywork side if possible.  Also
> what files need to be edited if I change the number from the eth0 side so
> I can still dhcp the workstations?

I'm running the server with one NIC.

The gotcha is I had to set it up with two nics (I'm not on the latest release), then disable and modify settings.

I used the standard RedHat tools for network config, and Webmin.

Everything is up and running smoothly.

I have two dhcp servers on the system as well. It workls, but you have to do some careful planning.


> Thanks,
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