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Re: [K12OSN] Killing client session

You might try renaming that user's .gnome directory, which should cause a
new one to be generated from the system defaults. This has fixed my
toolbar problems when I've, say, removed all toolbars from the screen.

$ cd /home/<username>       # where <username> is the user w/ prob.
$ mv .gnome .gnome-old

Log out and log back in. Presto-chango, back to defaults. Or something
like that...

-Dan Young
-Parkrose School District

pat ring said:
> Hi.  How do I restart a client session that seems fwacked?  User pat
> logged  into a gnome session.  The session crashed killing toolbars.
> Now the  toolbars are forever gone.  How do I kill the session
> permanently so that  the desktop comes back?  I've rebooted the K12LTSP
> server, to no avail.   Logging into a KDE desktop is fine.
> Thanks.
> Pat
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