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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Server with Xfree86 questions

vcare wrote:

Saw your post of K12, in that you mentioned that you have configured two DHCP servers,
I want to implement two LTSP / DHCP servers on same network , and my users will be segmented on these two DHCP/LTSP
servers. I have 200 users , i want first 100 to connect to one server and rest 100 users to connect to next server.
How it can be done , how the syntax works when client send a dhcp request?

Little help is needed from your side.

This will be hard. 200 users on the same network is a lot. maybe too many. You are describing a professional-quality
installation, with gigabit uplinks, to many switches.

Can you break the network into two networks, with one server for each network ?

If you would still like to do this, I can make some suggestions regarding DHCP server configuration.

I know lots about DHCP, but I don't really know about large (200 users) systems - can someone else comment on this before I get
into the guts of DHCPd..

regards, Steve

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