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[K12OSN] Re: Authenticating mixed clients for Internet Access

> I have not found anything that will authenticate on a per user basis
> on a Linux-based gateway, firewall, or proxy. I need it to work from
> either Windows Domain login (processed by a Samba PDC) or Linux
> terminal logins.

I have somewhere a very crude perl script that I hacked up that has the
potential of opening/closing firewalls based on authentication by a user
against a samba server.

If you're interested, I can try to dig it up.

It was done more as a "proof-of-concept" than something I can recommend
for use in a real environment, and would need a lot of work from someone
skilled in a secure perl environment (i.e. not me).

It works by blocking/allowing access from a specific IP depending on who
is logged in to the machine with that IP.

The concept was that eventually anyone wanting access to the internet
would have to log in to a specific share on a linux samba server.  Once
you were logged in, the system would recognize you and grant you access
depending on who you were, but I never got it past the early alpha


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