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Re: [K12OSN] openmosix on K12LTSP V2.1

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Steve Wright wrote:

>Richard Camp wrote:
>>If you don't mind working with the 2.4.16 kernel, download my slobian package at www.campworld.net.
>>I'm interested in getting more feedback on the package.  In theory you should be able to do a fresh intall of k12ltsp, unpack my package, 
>>and run the install script.  Reboot the system and be up and going.

I'll take a look at it shortly.

>It would be nice to have OpenMOSIX ready to rock in a new K12LTSP ISO. 
> What if a bog-standard install of K12LTSP
>included OpenMOSIX ?   Would it speed-up a K12LTSP server for users ?

I had played around with merging in OpenMosix into K12LTSP a couple weeks
ago and didn't see any show-stopping problems.

Once I catch my breath from my current projects, I'll sit down and hack out
some packages & build test ISOs for us to play with. Hmmm, toys ;-)


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