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Re: [K12OSN] openmosix on K12LTSP V2.1

You could definitely do that, apply the 2.4.18 om patch to the kernel source
and roll your own kernel.  That should fly fine as you have outlined.
Remember though, you cannot mix om version (2.4.16 vs. 2.4.18) therefore you
will have to roll 2.4.18 client kernels as well, annnnd don'f forget the
userland tools.  I'll give you a hint if you are daring: check out the
userland RPM package and see where it installs the tools--that will give you
an idea what and where you need to copy the client tools to.  Check the man
pages for openmosix to see what the various tools do.  They have made some
naming changes that will have to be indicated in the client startup scripts

Gee, I really do need to get this down on paper don't I, instead of making
you go through all that hassle.  Meanwhile, Richard could update his package
to 2.4.18 and make all our lives that much easier (hint hint ;-)

James Jensen

Steve Wright wrote:
> 2.4.16 is the *server* kernel version ??
> That's gonna break some stuff here, particularly my NVidia driver set..
> I might install the kernel source from CD, or from up2date, and apply
> the patch.
> comments ?
> It would be nice to have OpenMOSIX ready to rock in a new K12LTSP ISO.
>  What if a bog-standard install of K12LTSP
> included OpenMOSIX ?   Would it speed-up a K12LTSP server for users ?
> /sw

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