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[K12OSN] Re: K12OSN digest, Vol 1 #299 - 14 msgs

>Has anyone from the UK ever tried running SIMS (through wine) on LTSP? - =
>or just on wine? we've got an old version of common platform that we can =
>get to the login screen on, but no further without many serious looking =
>errors, has anyone tried it, - it would be good to remove the last =
>bastion of win98 machines from the school.
I'm not from the UK, but I have run Sims here on my K12os box. 
WQithout WINE, evn! 
It has been ported to Linux.  It was ported by the now defunct Loki Games and
came on a disc with my old RH 7.1 cd set.
I will look into the licensing of the product.  If the licensing allows,
I will be gald to copy and send it along.
In the meantime, find out more here:


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