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[K12OSN] More problems with XFree & Thinknic

I appreciate all of your help, but I am still at a loss of what to do to
get these thinknics running with a gui.  They seem to log in fine in level
3, but when I set it back to level 5 it try to load the gui and stalls
with a grey screen and a X mouse cursor in the middle.  Although when I
upgraded to the new 2.1.1 version of K12LTSP I noticed now that the
thinknics screen will be grey with an X in it and then turn blue and
recycle back into black screen then trys again until I shut it off.  I
think it keeps retrying the driver.

Anyway to clear things up a little I set everything to default terminal
install on the server except in the lts.conf file I added the lines:

SMODULE_01 = cmpci

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Chris Rears
Computer / Network Technician
David Douglas School District
SHOP:    (503)256-6505
PAGER: (503)790-4541

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