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Re: [K12OSN] UK Schools

This wisdom was penned by "James Vasey" <james 6dsystems co uk> on Wed,
17 Jul 2002 19:46:50 +0100:

> Has anyone from the UK ever tried running SIMS (through wine) on LTSP?
> - or just on wine? we've got an old version of common platform that we
> can get to the login screen on, but no further without many serious
> looking errors, has anyone tried it, - it would be good to remove the
> last bastion of win98 machines from the school.

I should have added to my previous (brief) response - for our non-UK folk, SIMS is the School Information Management System from Capita. It is very much based on DOS technology and Clipper-style origins - some features do not work under Windows without a DOS box! It is, of course, not mandated by our local governments that schools MUST use it but life is made very difficult if one doesn't due to problems interchanging information.

I did try using wine some time ago but without success - I don't know if Code Weavers WINE is any better. I have served the files from Novell and Linux (SAMBA) but Capita only support NT, I think. The new version is _supposed_ to use standard data interchange formats, ANSI SQL for the database, and there was pressure to develop a web-based front end, but I doubt if that has happened.

It does run under VMWare and so I would expect it should be OK under Win4Lin.

Best wishes,

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