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Re: [K12OSN] Re: UK Schools (SIMS question)

We are running the NC SIMS which is DOS based on our servers using samba. I
stopped using the Novell side a while back. We have also had it running with
DOSemu on a linux box, all except printing. Matt Drew at RH was working on
that too, I'm not sure how far he's gotten with it. That project is
currently on hold until after school starts. We are going to try and run
SIMS in a DOSemu box on a k12ltsp network..maybe. We are currently
implementing LDAP and exporting certain data from SIMS into the LDAP

Despite the apparent lack of input on the k12linux site we are taking
detatled notes and as soon as school starts and everything slows back to
normal pace we will share the data.


> Hi James,
> If you were referring to SIMS as in (Student Information Management
> Services) then I can direct you to a fellow in North Carolina (US) that
>  I know has SIMS running from a linux box.  His name is Michael
> Williams.  Though I believe he has it setup so that users on the
> network  get to it using a Novell login.. from a Windows PC.  That is,
> the linux  box is sharing the data out so that it looks like it's
> coming from a  Novell share.  ( I could of course have all my facts
> wrong, but I'm  pretty sure I'm close to the mark)
> As for running entirely on top of Linux, I don't know.  He could tell
> you though if anyone can.  To contact him via email
> mailto:mwilliams haywood k12 nc us
> Peace,
> Jimmy Schwankl
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Michael Williams                   Instructional Technology
Haywood County Schools          216 Charles St. Clyde, NC 28721
http://www.k12linux.org                 (828) 627-8314

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