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[K12OSN] Xvesa problems

Like Chris Rears, I had trouble getting Xvesa to work with the new 2.4.18-ltsp 
kernels on ThinkNIC terminals.  Using the original LTSP-2.1.0 distribution, 
which uses kernel 2.4.18 for the server and 2.4.9 for the terminals, Xvesa 
worked just fine.  When I upgraded the system to the newer 2.4.18 kernels 
Xvesa no longer worked.  It gave the alternating gray screen / blue screen 
with the mouse X in the middle that Chris described.  

The only remedy so far has been to change the XSERVER=Xvesa to XSERVER=auto.  
That, of course, resulted in somewhat less video quality with periodic scan 
streaks on the terminals.  I have not been able to us USE_XFS=Y with 
ThinkNICs under XFree86-4.

Has anyone looked at updating the Xvesa driver to work with kernel 2.4.18?

Dr. Daniel Loomis
El Dorado, Arkansas

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