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[K12OSN] re:Workstation X display is not working

It sounds like your display manager is not running, or not running correctly, on
the server. I had the same problems, and it was because my server was strting up
on init level 3. also you should make sure that your display manager is running,
by typing

$netstat -ap | grep xdmcp
(straight out of the ltsp documentation)

If it IS running then it may not be configured correctly.
Hope that helps.

Matthew Winther
mwinther efn org

hi everyone :)

how i wish some of you have encounter the problem that i am in now.

Im using boot disk to boot in floppy to access my k12ltsp server.
now i cant access my server from workstation it just give a grey screen
and x cursor of my mouse
i look at log files and i encounter this error messages.

Jul 19 11:59:00  internet    gdm[2097]: Display  :0  is busy,  there is
another  X server already running
Jul 19 11:59:00  internet    gdm[2097]: Sleeping 30 seconds  before
retrying display  :0
Jul 19 11:59:41  internet    gdm[2083]: Failed to start the display
server several time in a short time period; disabling  display  :0

Any idea pls?

hope you can help me with this my class was stuck.

Thanks in advanced

God Bless!

Arnel G. Pastrana 

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