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[K12OSN] squidguard proxy does auth + rules automated

Hey All,

I've put together a package I've called 'squidauth v0.1'

Download the package from http://linuxathome.ath.cx/squidauth-0.1.tar.gz ~100KBytes.
Please be careful with it on your production server - untar in a /home/<user> directory first..
There *will* be something wrong somewhere, for sure.


From the README;

SquidAuth is a modified set of config files, and a script based on

To use SquidAuth, simply create user groups called 'student' and 'staff'.
copy /etc/squid/squid.conf.squidauth.new over top of /etc/squid/squid.conf and
restart squid - `service squid restart` as root.

This will immediately deny all users on your system web access via squidGuard.

When you would like to grant student users access to the web, simply add them to the
'student' group.

The same applies for your staff - add the staff member to the 'staff' group.

That's it. SquidAuth will work for windows users, or any other operating system on
your LAN - *provided* they have a linux account. All proxy users must have a Linux

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