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Re: [K12OSN] 3c515 NIC

On 22 Jul 2002, John Baillie wrote:

>This is just a hunch. The 3c515 might use the 3c59x drivers. So you try
>making a few boot disks from the 3c595 and 905 family of selections at
>rom-o-matic and see if any of them work.

Hmmm, the etherboot database has an entry for the 3c515, but they don't 
list the driver/rom as "unknown":



>On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 21:05, Brent D. Norris wrote:
>> I am building a lab and I hope to use 30 3c515 cards that I have so that I
>> will be able to run the lab at 100mb.  Unfortunately there is no 515 disk
>> image that I can find.  Will the 509 image work?  Will anything work?  I
>> see a lot of posts about a 3c515 driver being added to etherboot, but
>> rom-o-matic won't make one so I am a little worried.  Any help?
>> Brent Norris (Net-Tech.BG-Afni) http://brentnorris.net
>> H: 270.563.9226        W: 877.448.2364 x3021
>> Pager: 270.610.0002 (text message www.arch.com/message/)

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